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Registers for rent

Do you need a fiscal device for your company but you don't want to bear the full expense?

Rent Posnet ONLINE fiscal register with the Netpay payment terminal, and handle your Clients at the same time accepting cashfree payments.

Choose the best fiscal register for your company



Total of all prons

ERGO ONLINE register combines advantages of all our registers. It may work as a standalone but also be an element of the register system. You can connect the scale, bar code scanner, payment terminal, etc. to the register. Register's construction, similarly to other POSNET devices, is able to resist falls, shocks, or splashes.

Intuitive maintenance

​Comfortable keyboard and programmable shortkeys help to quickly issue fiscal receipts.

Graphical displays

This register holds two graphical displays allowing both the client and the cashier to easily read elements added to the receipt.

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Bingo Max Online


Comfortable and resistant keyboard

Holds a resistant and comfortable mechanic keyboard with an option to programme 42 shortkeys for the most crucial functions.

Readible displays

Applying graphical and back-lit displays with a big and readible fonts, provides comfort of work on the device.

Easy paper exchange

The register applies a printing mechanism "drop in and print” which provides a fast and efficient paper exchange.

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Revo Online


Splash resistant

Revo register can be purchased with a silicon keyboard which protects your device against dirt and splash.

Connect whatever you need

An additional advantage of the Revo register is a possibility to handle the payment terminal. Moreover, you can connect the following to the device i.e. scanner, cashier's drawer, etc.

Your graphics on receipts

​You can add any black and white graphics using the Posnet Grafik software in the header and footer of each receipt or other register print-out. Using this software you can upload e.g. a store's logo, promotional offer or add on your own.

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Multifunctional and resistant

​Perfect for medum-sized stores or multipurpose markets but also for small, local stores, minimarkets, or gorcery stores.

Register-scale function

Combination of a fiscal register with a dedicated electronic scale. Functions such as taring and zeroing the scale are on the register's keyboard. Scale indications appear directly on operator's and Client's displays.


Ports available in the device help to conduct simultaneous execution of many services: independent communication with the sale software, protected memory read, as well as cooperation with store's videomonitoring systems. Communication with the computer always takes place on-line without stopping the cashier's work.

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Fawag Lite ONLINE



Solid and robust register in a strong enclosure

Easy to use

Intuitive and easy to use. Holds functions necessary to conduct sale.


The register operates at the temperature between 5 and 40˚C. It is possible to connect a register drawer and thanks to a USB the register can operate a scanner

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Payment terminal which when connecting to the ONLINE Posnet register or Fawag register helps to conduct cashfree payments. Internet is made available allowing for a comfortable connection with CRK, at the same time intuitive and user friendly.

Communication with CRK

​Netpay makes Internet available to Posnet ONLINE devices using a USB cable. This guarantees a safe and comfortable connection with CRK.

Cashfree payments

Handling cashfree payments made using magnetic, chip, and paypass cards (VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover). Netpay handles also payments executed using BLIK, Google Pay, and  Apple Pay (e.g. phone or smartwatch).

Printing management 

Confirmation of cashfree payments, plus other print-outs and reports referring to card transactions, are printed on a fiscal register, thanks to which all print-outs are always available.

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Table of costs

Register model Monthly register rent fee Subscription for payment terminal Netpay per month Total rent price per register and terminal per month
Fawag lite Online 2.01 net PLN 45  net PLN 39 net PLN 84 
Ergo Online 1.02 WIFI net PLN 50 net PLN 39 net PLN 89 
Bingo Max Standard net PLN 50 net PLN 39 net PLN 89 
Revo Online Standard net PLN 55 net PLN 39 net PLN 94 
Neo Online Standard net PLN 60 net PLN 39 net PLN 99 


Maintenance services pricelist


Operating freedom

Contract for renting a fiscal register and payment terminal is signed for an indefinite period.*
*Uninstalling fee in case of terminating the register renting contract amounts to: 24 months for a net of PLN 690, after 24 months:  net PLN 1.

Low initial costs 

One-off fee for the start connected with processing the device amounts to a net of PLN 145. For the remaining term of the contract you bear only monthly renting costs for the fiscal device with a subscription of the payment terminal.

Additional benefits

You can save on the device maintenance costs as the register rent price covers costs of mandatory periodic inspections every 2 yeras.
When renting the fiscal register you get a gaurantee to produce 1830 of daily reports on the spur of 5 years. Exchange of fiscal memory after 5 years is free, allowing for a problem-free use of ones fiscal register.


Guaranteed high quality of devices

​Posnet means guarantee of high quality of fiscal devices. This has been proved by prizes, excellence awards, and certificates awarded to us in the past 25 years, but also with a vast number of clients featuring brands i.e.: ROSSMANN, SUPER-PHARM - APTEKA, IKEA, Indigo Nails, MONNARI or McDonald's.

27 years on the market

We are a leader on the fiscal devices market since the beginning of the fiscal system in Poland. With the support of our Trade Representatives, we have sold over one million devices.

Złoty Laur Klienta (Golden Leaf Award)

Posnet is a 13-times winner of Złoty Lauru Klienta. 

Certificates and honours

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