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Cash registers

They are fully independent fiscal devices: small, medium, and system. Operating in an office and remotely. With the fitting there is a series of features necessary for an efficient business i.e. efficient battery, robust construction, "drop-in" printing mechanisms, and connection arrangements such as USB host or wireless communication. Thanks to modular solutions it offers a possibility to add peripheral devices.

Fiscal printers

They form sale systems on the grounds characteristic for a specific sector. They offer a very developed POS, supporting the biggest companies without any problems. They offer to clients a very big commodity base and numerous functions. Thanks to a possibility to connect peripheral devices the printers form a system well adjusted to actual business needs. They are solid, with robust construction and intuitive use, and well developed functions which are a great convenience and improvement for everyday work.

Fiscal payment terminals

Devices combining a cash register, fiscal printer, and payment terminal

Fiscal terminals

A complete POS, a contemporary device equipped in functions facilitating everyday client's service, is the perfect choice for stores irrespective of its space or for catering businesses. Terminals have efficient subunits, robust enclosure, and a series of useful extensions: bar code, proximity card readers, or EMV handles. They are recommended for cash boxes, infostands, as well as production lines, or mobile and stationary points-of-sale.


Touch screens

Screens for numerous applications lined depending on specific and selected intended use. They can be applied in almost any sector and their size is a scale seven to ten inches. The screen gives a possibility to stay an independent device thanks to a build-in computer, or installed in the form of an external monitor.



Bar codes

This is a rich offer of devices operating independently or in combination. They support points of sale and make work in a store, a warehouse, in transport, or with the productions easier. Among them you can find varied data collectors, bar code readers reading even damaged codes, label printers, cards for marking, and high-quality print outs, as well as price verifiers. 



Get to know a varied cross-section of FAWAG weight devices used mainly to measure weight - from extremely easy to use control weights to platform weights supporting big and heavy commodities. This rich offer composes of i.e. control weights - excellent to operate in any kind of commercial and production facilities, platform/bridge - used in industrial plants, warehouses, or wholesales, and weights for building-in in a cashier's counter - allowing to control the weight of commodities sold directly at a workplace.


To complete Posnet products, we have also receipt printers and cashier's drawers, and accessories such as anti-flood covers and cases, as well as chargers and additional modules.