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Thermal XL2 ONLINE (2”, 3”)

The most popular line of fiscal printers on the Polish market, Thermal XL, is available in an ONLINE version. This is a device featuring wide application in any type of activity. This printer is available with two printing mechanisms: 80mm and 57 mm.


Net price: 2799,00 PLN
THERMAL XL2 ONLINE 2” (wyśw.: standardowy)
Net price: 2899,00 PLN
THERMAL XL2 ONLINE 2” (wyśw.: kompaktowy OLED/wolnostojący)
Net price: 2949,00 PLN
THERMAL XL2 ONLINE 2” (wyśw.: standardowy + WiFi)
Net price: 2899,00 PLN
THERMAL XL2 ONLINE 3” (wyśw.: standardowy)
Net price: 2999,00 PLN
THERMAL XL2 ONLINE 3” (wyśw.: kompaktowy OLED/wolnostojący)
Net price: 3049,00 PLN
THERMAL XL2 ONLINE 3” (wyśw.: standardowy + WiFi)
Price provided a net retail prices offered now by Posnet Polska SA to device end users (users).
Colour option


Connect to the Central Repository of Registers, which is most suitable for you. Thermal XL2 ONLINE allows this in a couple of ways. Do you have a printer connected to POS via USB, and your POS has Internet access? Great, as you don't have to invest in an additional infrastructure in a store. Use the USB port to connect to CRK. Should you have such an opportunity, connect a printer to CRK via LAN/Ethernet - this is the quickest and easiest way. Do you need wireless communication? Order a WiFi printer. Please download a manual on configuring a connection with CRK in Posnet ONLINE registers (Quick OnLine manual - PDF).


If you are in a need of a compact device, providing an optimum printing speed, holding various displays that you can select respectively to the place of sales - this printer is made for you. It also holds a crucial COM ports' forwarding option allowing you to connect additional devices to the printer e.g. bar code scanner, scale, and even an additional display.


We offer the Posnet Thermal XL 2 ONLINE printer in four construction options with various displays: standard LCD (with a tag), stand-along LCS, suspended LCD, and build-in an OLED printer cover. Thanks to such a wide offer you have a freedom of choice of a printer best suited to your point-of-sale.


The Posnet Thermal XL2 ONLINE printer is perfect for large commercial centres, supermarkets, gas stations, or warehouses, as well as for cinemas, theatres, museums, or hospitals. It is often used by owners of hotels, restaurants, car showrooms, recreation centres.

Technical data
Device version
SD/SDHC card - 4GB
Communication with CRK
USB, LAN/Ethernet, WiFi (as an option)
possibility to programme any currency in which the fiscal module will register sale
VAT rates
7 (A...G)
Number of PLU
250 000
Printing mechanism
Type of printing mechanism
thermal Seiko, drop-in
Number of characters per line
  • 3 printing modes are available:
  • 56 characters (80 mm paper)
  • 40 characters (80 mm paper)
  • 40 characters (57mm paper)
Paper's width
57 mm or 80 mm (2”, 3”)
Paper roll length
100 m
Printing speed
47 lines
Paper cutter
Operator's display
joint with client's display
Client's display
  • standard - alphanumerical LCD 4x20 characters
  • compact - alphanumerical LCD 4x20 characters
  • stand-alone - alphanumerical LCD 4x20 characters
  • suspended - alphanumerical LCD 4x20 characters
Computer connection
  • 1 x RS232
  • 1 x USB
  • Ethernet
  • WiFi/ Bluetooth (as an option)
Communication Protocol
Drawer' control
6V, 12V, 18V, 24V drawer
Power supply
Power supply
230V / 24V
Battery build-in
AGM 12V/1200 mAh, allowing to print min. 6000 lines
USB port
type B USB (PC communication)
Dimensions, weight, temperatures
  • 158 x 242 x 232 mm (w x h x l) with a standard display
  • 131 x 149 x 171 mm (w x h x l) with a compact display
  • 131 x 139 x 171 mm (w x h x l) without client's display
~2.0 kg (paper incl.)
Scope of operational temperature
5 - 40 ºC
Car accessories
  • Posnet SKL register drawer
  • Flip-top register drawer
  • large- and medium-sized register drawer
Key features
  • memory is protected with a possibility of remote data archiving
  • paper width 80 mm or 57 mm (100 m roll)
  • possibility to format fonts
  • change of register currency ("eurofiscalisation")
  • Buyer's NIP (tax identification number) print-out in receipt's fiscal part
  • VAT invoice printing (FV)
  • non-fiscal printouts - super-template
  • possibility to print 2D graphics and codes on receipts' header and footer, and non-fiscal printouts
  • Ethernet and communication ports - parallel handling of a couple of services with various TCP portals
  • COM ports forwarding
  • two options of display
  • vast adaptation possibility of the device, possibility to work horizontally and vertically
  • transaction monitor (helps to integrate printer with videomonitoring systems)
  • reminding about mandatory periodic inspection

The fiscal device communicating with the Central Repository of Registers (CRK, hereinafter referred to as the Repository) kept by the Head of the State Fiscal Administration. CRK collects a series of data i.e. daily reports, fiscal receipts, non-fiscal documents, events, as well as information about periodic reviews made.

Graphics on receipts

Each receipt and register printout can be supplemented with any black-and-white graphic in the header and footer. Using the Posnet Grafik software you can design what is about to be printed e.g. store's logo, supplier's paid add, or a single promotion.

2D bar codes

Bar code print-out (code 128) with any information facilitates finding a transaction later in the system. Two-dimensional codes (2D) can be printed in receipt's, invoice's footer, and in any place of a non-fiscal print-out. They can contain e.g. links, discounts, etc.

Compact solution

Device featuring exceptionally small dimensions allowing to optimally use space at the cashier's counter.

Compatibility with 6V, 12V, 18V and 24V drawers

The device cooperates with the majority of drawers available on the market.

"Load and print" printing mechanism

System of fast drop-in-type paper exchange guarantees easy operation and efficient work.

Transaction monitoring

Function used to integrate the device with any video-monitoring system, allowing to preview cashier's transactions.

Tax Identification Number (NIP) of buyer on receipt

Possibility to print buyer's NIP in the receipt's fiscal part. Based on current provisions of law, buyer's NIP can be printed on receipts for a value over PLN 450 or EUR 100.

Super-format and non-fiscal print-outs

Generating any non-fiscal print-outs, with content adjusted to individual needs of the user e.g. discounts, terms of use, terms of promotion, or information from loyalty systems.

Suspended display

It is an effective and space-saving way of displaying sales information for Clients. It can be put anywhere and the printer can be located.g. under a counter.

Robust construction

A solid, high-quality-materials' execution and care for details is a characteristic feature of all Posnet devices.


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