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Value added tax was introduced in Poland in 1993. This is when Posnet was born: a brand which for thirty years has been co-creating fiscal reality in Poland and other European countries.

We apply creative competition in our activities which helps us to keep a leading position as a manufacturer of fiscal registers and printers. Nothing is as motivating as developing a new device or solutions hitherto unknown. This is how Posnet developed the market smallest register and printer, the smallest ticket machine, or a possibility to connect a fiscal printer with a tablet and a fiscal register with weight - first such solution in the world.

We are keeping a close eye on the resistance of devices, hence they undergo a series of complex tests. All for our clients to get an unreliable and verified product. A product at the same time original due to its design. Our fiscal devices are often trendsetters of the world wide design..


Our mission is to support Client for a Premium quality and to introduce devices to the market which in a professional manner support them in everyday work. We develop innovative products which offer quality, design, ergonomy, and functionality. Moreover, we try to establish such contacts between the manufacturer, Sales Representative, and a Client, which will bring visible outcomes for each of the parties.


Those are activities which develop the Posnet brand. Adding new, innovative products to the offer. Redressing and adjusting wrong decisions. Multiplying the number of end users and their satisfaction, as well as sharing best practices with Trade Partners.


Posnet's position is thanks to people. We hire high-class specialists in electronics, talented developers, service specialists, sales representatives, who gives us possibility to expand our product offer and be one step ahead of our competitors. We cooperate with the best designers of industrial design. We employ almost 300 professionals thanks to whom the impossible becomes possible..

We are valued for advanced solutions which identify our brand as Posnet. This is the best proof that our constructors express thinking going beyond what is known in technology. We also listen to the needs of clients and create such needs, through our products and devices which combine all their expectations.


We have been connected with the fiscal system from its beginning. Our experience is an exceptional base. Thanks to it we are a leader and expert on the fiscal devices market. A proof of that would be our cooperation with top brand from around the world, i.e. Diebold or IBM for whom we manufacture devices.


In a bigger picture: many thousand people working in sale representative offices across the country are combined by the Posnet brand. This is not a coincidence. This is their conscious decision to establish cooperation with our company which is predictable, guarantees continuous development of its products, as well as offers safe cooperation. This is one of the evidence that Posnet is developing is a right direction.


Our products are renown among clients which is visible with high sale of Posnet fiscal devices. A proof of this are also certificates and distinctions.


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