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Bar codes - Price verifiers

Honeywell Performance Partner DistributorPosnet Polska S.A. is the only official Polish distributor of Honeywell products.
The price verifiers in the Posnet offer are modern, high-quality devices in a durable housing, combining the functions of multimedia devices with a standard price checker. They are equiped with a readable display and easy assembly. The technology used in their production is distinguished by modernity. These devices are indispensable in every commercial point, and their attractive price is an additional advantage of the devices.

Posnet offers WeriOn and Veri Basic price verifiers. WeriOn is a multi-tasking, multimedia and interactive channel of communication with the client. The device is available in two versions: with a module for reading 1D codes and a module for reading 1D and 2D codes (Area Imager). In the case of Veri Basic, a large display and a reliable scanner have been placed in an elegant and durable housing.

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