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Posnet ONLINE registers are not more expensive!

As we declared, prices of ONLINE registers and printers, added to the offer, shall not be higher than their commercial counterparts i.e. registers with electronic copies of receipts.

The following are the most important deduction-related aspects for purchasing ONLINE registers, under the Minister of Finance Ordinance:

  • the relief is only for purchasing ONLINE devices,
  • the relief covers only new tax payers (entrepreneurs without any cash register so far) and entrepreneurs only from sectors that are bound by the act to use ONLINE registers,
  • amount of relief shall be 90% of the device value with a net limit of PLN 700. .

Conditions of relief:

  • on-time processing of the ONLINE device purchased,
  • for tax payers bound to use ONLINE registers, starting a sale register on the date imposed by the act of law,
  • providing copies of purchase invoices, payment proof, and copies of monthly report confirming the start of sale record to the Fiscal Office,
  • one shall not forfeit the relief if within 3 years as of taxation processing this device is subject to technical inspections on time and communication with the KAS repository runs according to the schedule.