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ONLINE registers for hairdressers, beauty parlours and cosmetic services

As of 1st July 2021 hairdressers, beauty parlours, and cosmetic services are bound to use OLNINE fiscal devices.

This is a category of devices which transfer data online to the Central Registers' Repository of the Ministry of Finance (CRK).

Posnet is a leader in the fiscal world who offers small and comfortable ONLINE registers. They are also user-firnedly and feature an elegant design.

ONLINE registers: Mobile and Ergo, Trio ONLINE fiscal printer and Pospay ONLINE fiscal payment terminal are excellent solutions for hairdressers, beauty parlours, and cosmetic services.

Please bear in mind that the fiscal printer needs to be connected to a computer and be integrated with a relevant sales software.

ONLINE Posnet devices feature:

  • small size,
  • effective communication with CRK (i.e. via WiFi or GPRS),
  • buyer's tax identification number (NIP) on a receipt,
  • printing speed,
  • efficient battery.

All such devices will be perfect for the beauty sector!

Please visit Authorised Posnet Sellers who:

  • will help you to chose a register,
  • guarantee a high level of services,
  • will provide a minimum of formalities.

Deduction is possible for purchasing ONLINE devices. Deduction can be up to 90% of device's value, not more the a net of PLN 700. 


Download a leaflet (PDF)

ONLINE registers for hairdressers, beauty parlours, and cosmetic services:



Versatile solution

​Pospay Online is a combination of register's, fiscla printer's, and payment terminal's functionality.

Communication with CRK

Communication with the Central Registers' Repository (CRK) can be conducted via GSM or WiFi. Communication with CRK using a SIM card being part of the set, has been included in the subscription cost.

Cash-free transactions

Pospay ONLINE accepts electronic payments done with any kind of payment cards and payments done using mobile.


Pospay is an ergonomic device. It is not too big and weights less than 0,5 kg.

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Small size

This is the smallest ONLINE register on the market and ready to work everywhere. 

Efficient battery

Application of a large size Li-ion battery will be an additional safety when using it in the field.

"Drop and print” printing mechanism

System for fast paper exchange „drop-in” guarantees easy service and effective operation.

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Keyboard resisntant to splashes

Device's construction protects the register against dirt.

Communication with CRK

A couple of options to chose from:

  • USB,
  • WiFi,
  • GSM.

Graphic displays

This register has two graphic displays which optimises data readibility. The client and an entrepreneur get full information about a service on an on-going basis.

"Block" type receipt

The cashier can preview and edit individual elements of the receipt on the display, even before printing.

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Own POS system

A rotating grip for tablets or smarphones can be connected to the printer. This helps to develop an efficient POS system.

Communication with CRK

Trio ONLINE, in its standard option, is equipped in a network interface card and USB. With a more remote work, it is best to order a printer equipped in a WiFi interface.

Graphic on receipts

Each receipt and register print-out can be enriched by adding a black-and-white graphics e.g. store logo, add, banner, in the header and footer.

Super-specimen and non-fiscal print-outs

Generating any non-fiscal print-outs with a content adjusted to user's needs e.g. discount coupons, promotions, or loyalty-system information.

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Guaranteed high quality of devices

​Posnet means guarantee of high quality of fiscal devices. This has been proved by prizes, excellence awards, and certificates awarded to us in the past 25 years, but also with a vast number of clients featuring brands i.e.: ROSSMANN, SUPER-PHARM - APTEKA, IKEA, Indigo Nails, MONNARI or McDonald's.

27 years on the market

We are a leader on the fiscal devices market since the beginning of the fiscal system in Poland. With the support of our Trade Representatives, we have sold over one million devices.

Złoty Laur Klienta (Golden Customer's Laurel Award)

Posnet is a 13-times winner of Złoty Laur Klienta award. 

Certificates and honours

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Order an ONLINE register for your business!

Order an ONLINE register for your business!

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