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Pospay2 ONLINE combines the functionality of a cash register, fiscal printer and payment terminal. It belongs to the family of SAIO devices that are designed according to the "All in One" philosophy. Pospay2 ONLINE means convenience, mobility, multitasking and the ability to pay with all types of payment cards.

Where to buy Pospay2?

Net price: 1799,00 PLN
Cost of purchasing Pospay fiscal printer
Net price: 39,00 PLN
Monthly subscription for terminal rental
Price provided a net retail prices offered now by Posnet Polska SA to device end users (users).

The SAIO family

Pospay2 ONLINE belongs to the family of SAIO devices (System All in One). These are comprehensive fiscal solutions, compact devices designed in the all-in-one system and operating under Android OS. Pospay2 ONLINE consists of a fiscal printer, a payment terminal and a sales application.

Connection with CRK

Pospay Online provides users with a possibility to use wireless communication with (CRK) via GSM or WiFi. Communication with CRK using a SIM card enclosed to your set has been included in the subscription fee.

POS-UP application

As part of the subscription, you get access to an intuitive sales application that runs on a reliable Android system. A clear and legible interface will allow you to efficiently handle sales in your company.

In a few quick clicks, you will add more items to the receipt and trigger a cashless payment.

Minimum formalities

You no longer have to buy a fiscal device separately and sign a contract with a cashless payment’s operator.

Now you can complete all the formalities in one place!


Pospay2 ONLINE connects wirelessly to the Internet via the GSM network. Thanks to this, it can work anywhere, gaining complete freedom.

This will provide high quality of service for your customers!

Long-life batteries

Both the printer and the terminal are equipped with Lithium-Ion batteries. When one of them discharges, the other begins to share its energy.

Thanks to this, the device works longer without the need to recharge.

Attractive price

You only buy a fiscal printer, while you rent a terminal.

Thanks to this, you will not only pay less, but above all you will not have to worry about system updates or possible repairs.

Android OS

The Android system installed on Pospay2 is specially optimized to work on the Pax A50 terminal. Thanks to this, the installed POS-UP sales software works quickly and stably.

All this so that you can be sure of the safetyness and reliability of the system.

Lifetime warranty

You get a lifetime warranty for the rented terminal. The fiscal module of the printer is covered by a five-year warranty.

We also provide comprehensive service during the whole lifetime of the device.


Pospay is an ergonomic device. Its dimensions are: 15.2 x 8.02 x 8.15 cm (L x W x H). Weight - just over half a kilogram.

Pospay2 ONLINE is so small that it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.


Payments made via Pospay2 ONLINE are handled by the eService. It is a leader on the market for accepting payment cards and settling electronic transactions in Poland.

Thanks to eService, you can be sure that all transactions will run smoothly and without problems.

Commissions on sales transactions:

   VISA: 0.69%*  
   MasterCard: 0.79%*
   BLIK: 0,39% 
Authorisation fee (only using a PIN code authorisation): PLN 0.03
*Refers to cards issued in Poland.


For more information visit:

Increase your turnover immediately!

The Pospay2 ONLINE Fiscal Payment Terminal is an excellent choice not only for small shops, retail outlets in bazaars, mobile catering outlets, beauty salons, doctor's offices and law firms.

Pospay2 ONLINE is also an extremely useful fiscal device for all those whose business is based on mobility and working with individual clients. For personal trainers, service technicians and suppliers. Wherever the speed and quality of customer service as well as high mobility of business activities is needed, Pospay2 ONLINE will be a perfect choice.

Technical data
Device version
Protected memory
micro SDHC card - 4 GB
Communication with CRK
GSM модем, WiFi
VAT rates
7 (A...G)
Number of PLU
4000 (sales app), 100 000 (payment app)
Name of the merchandise
Payment methods
Discounts / mark-ups
Measurment unit
Shortcut keys
Merchandise groups
Printing mechanism
Type of printing mechanism
Number of characters per line
to 40
Paper's width
57 mm
Paper roll length
14 m
Operator's display
4,5'',1280 x 720 pixels
Client's display
LCD 2x16 characters
Computer connection
Power supply
Power supply
external power supply: 5V/4A
Battery build-in
Li-ion 6800 mAh (printer), 2500 mAh (terminal)
Dimensions, weight, temperatures
15,2 x 8 x 8,1 cm
~0,6 kg (with paper)

The fiscal device communicating with the Central Repository of Registers (CRK, hereinafter referred to as the Repository) kept by the Head of the State Fiscal Administration. CRK collects a series of data i.e. daily reports, fiscal receipts, non-fiscal documents, events, as well as information about periodic reviews made.

Good price

We offer a good device at an attractive price for a client.

Readable display

It has readable displays with large and clear font, at the seller's and client's side. Colours are eyes-friendly, they don't strain them even after a long-hours' work.

Wireless connection

The device has interfaces for wireless communication. Depending on the model and expansion module this cas be WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G/LTE modem.

Small and mobile

A mobile device with exceptionally small dimensions and weight.

"Load and print" printing mechanism

System of fast drop-in-type paper exchange guarantees easy operation and efficient work.

Work modes

Two work modes - printer / cash register

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