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Bingo Max is a legendary register in a new edition. We combined a reliable functionality of his precedessors with a new form. Thanks to an expansion possibility with additional communication module, the register will be perfect for small and medium size businesses.

Net price: 1549,00 PLN
standard version
Net price: 1649,00 PLN
WiFi version
Net price: 1749,00 PLN
version with GPRS modem
Price provided a net retail prices offered now by Posnet Polska SA to device end users (users).
Colour option

Communicate with CRK

Bingo Max provides communication with CRK via interfaces:

  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • WiFi *
  • 3G modem*

This helps to optimally adjust the manner of communication with CRK to conditions in which the business is run.

Download the manual on fixing the communication with CRK in Posnet registers (Quick OnLine - instrukcja).

* - optional fitting

Robust and comfortable keyboard

Bingo Max holds a robust and comfortable mechanic keyboard with an option to programme 42 shortkeys for the most crucial functions:

  • fast sale
  • card payment
  • daily, monthly report, etc.

This guarantees work comfort and makes its use simple and fast.

Clear display

Applying graphical backlit displays and readible font, provides comfort of working on the device.

Easy paper exchange

The register has a „drop in - print” printing mechanism which provides a quick and effective paper exchange.

Comfortable use

Bingo Max register has a modern enclosure, small size (249 x 99 x 207 mm), intuitive and comfortable keyboard which provides comfort in using the device.

Cashfree transactions

Bingo Max cooperates with Netpay payment terminal. This helps to execute cashfree payments. Moreover, Netpay can provide a communication with CRK, by making the Internet available.

Connection with other devices

In a simple manner it is possible to expand Bingo Max register's options by connecting sale support devices, i.e.:

  • scale
  • bar code readers
  • payment terminal 
  • register drawer.

Large commodity base (PLU)

Bingo Max ONLINE offers a big commodity base. In a standard version it amounts to 10 000 PLU, with a possibility to expand to 20 000 PLU, and even 30 000 PLU.Thanks to that, the user can programme an even highly expanded assortment of products.

For whom?

It is perfect as a store register. It is recommended especially for small stores and minimarkets. E.g.:

  • grocery stores
  • hardware store
  • minimarket
  • florists
  • local stores
  • service places
  • hairdressers, cosmetic and beauty parlours
  • B&Bs
  • small catering businesses.
Recommended devices
Thermal XL2 ONLINE (2”, 3”)
Net retail price: 2899,00 PLN
Thermal XL2 ONLINE (2”, 3”)
Technical data
Device version
Protected memory
micro card SDHC - 4GB
Communication with CRK
Ethernet, USB (net), WiFi*, modem 3G* (*option)
possibility to programme any currency in which the fiscal module will register sale (e.g. euro)
VAT rates
7 (A...G)
Number of PLU
10 000, 20 000/30 000* (*option)
Name of the merchandise
40 characters
Additional bar codes
12 000
Max. number of codes for PLU
Set of merchandise / multi-packs
6 000
1 000
Payment methods
Discounts / mark-ups
Time discounts
Measurment unit
Shortcut keys
Merchandise groups
Formats of weighted codes
Description of payments/payouts
Description of merchandise
Error service
Receipt buffer
5 000
Printing mechanism
Type of printing mechanism
thermal "drop in"
Number of characters per line
Paper's width
57 mm
Paper roll length
60 m
Printing speed
16 lines
Operator's display
graphical, 240 x 64 pixels
Client's display
graphical, 240 x 64 pixels
Number of keyboard keys
34, including 14 programmable (3 levels)
Standard ports
Ethernet, 3 x RS232, USB (host)
Additional ports
WiFi/Bluetooth*, modem 3G* (*option)
6V, 12V, 18V, 24V
Devices supported
computer, scanner (USB/RS), scale, drawer, price verifier, receipt printer, modem 3G, integrated scale, magnetic cards reader, pendrive, USB hub, payment terminal, monitoring
Computer connection
on-line, without interrupting cashier's work
Power supply
Power supply
Battery build-in
AGM 6V/1.2 Ah
USB port
Dimensions, weight, temperatures
249 x 99 x 207 mm (w x h x l)
~ 1,4 kg
Car accessories
  • register drawer
Recommended devices
Thermal XL2 ONLINE (2”, 3”)
Net retail price: 2899,00 PLN
Thermal XL2 ONLINE (2”, 3”)

The fiscal device communicating with the Central Repository of Registers (CRK, hereinafter referred to as the Repository) kept by the Head of the State Fiscal Administration. CRK collects a series of data i.e. daily reports, fiscal receipts, non-fiscal documents, events, as well as information about periodic reviews made.

Intuitive support

This device has an exceptionally easy user menu, adjusted to the user's needs.

Clear name of merchandise

A respectively high number of characters in a goods' name helps to create clear and fully understandable descriptions of products on receipts - according to valid provisions issued by the Ministry of Finance.


Compatibility with 6V, 12V, 18V and 24V drawers

The device cooperates with the majority of drawers available on the market.

Legendary robustness

Robust and reliable construction provides continuity of work in conditions of even the greatest use intensity.

Tax Identification Number (NIP) of buyer on receipt

Possibility to print buyer's NIP in the receipt's fiscal part. Based on current provisions of law, buyer's NIP can be printed on receipts for a value over PLN 450 or EUR 100.

Comfortable use

A compact enclosure, readable displays, and a comfortable keypad guarantee work efficiency and user's ergonomics.

Recommended devices
Thermal XL2 ONLINE (2”, 3”)
Net retail price: 2899,00 PLN
Thermal XL2 ONLINE (2”, 3”)

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