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Honeywell Voyager 1472g

Voyager 1472g is a hand-held wireless area imager reader. Built on the platform of the world's most popular series of Voyager hand readers. Bluetooth technology provides wireless communication within 30 meters of the base, increasing freedom of work and eliminating restrictions associated with the use of cables. 

Colour option

This scanner enables multidirectional code reading (depending on the selected version) 1D, PDF417, 2D, also of poor quality, as well as codes from displays of mobile devices and LCD screens. It has two modes of operation: automatic (an infrared sensor activates the laser when the bar code appears in the read field) and manual (code reading and data transfer occurs after pressing the CodeGate button).

Voyaer 1472g can be used as manual or stationary using the base (after placing the reader in the base, the transition to the automatic mode follows). This function is especially useful at checkout counters. In turn, the pistol grip ensures comfort of work and high performance of manual scanning.

The durable lithium-ion battery, when fully charged, provides 14 hours of operation (up to 40,000 scans). Its replacement is quick and simple, without the need for additional tools. The Automatic Batch Mode function allows you to save codes read out of the database in memory (the data will be sent when the scanner is within its range). The base has a scanner recall button, which allows you to locate the lost device (sound and light signaling). Voyager 1472g is ideal for sales points, administration, offices, warehouses and vehicle control stations.

The most important product features

  • reading 1D, 2D, PDF417 codes
  • reading codes from LCD screens and displays of mobile devices
  • reading range from 18mm to 400mm
  • 14 hours of operation (up to 40,000 scans) after fully charging the battery
  • Bluetooth Class 2 wireless communication (radio v. 4.2) with an operational range of 30m
  • Automatic Batch Mode function (storing codes read outside the database range)
  • two modes of operation: manual and automatic
  • can be used as manual or stationary (using the base)
  • strength: 30-fold fall to concrete from 1.8 m.
  • Multi-interface (the possibility of interchangeable use of interfaces: KBW, RS232 or USB by replacing the cable)

Available versions:

  • 1472g 2D - reading standard 1D, PDF417, 2D codes

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