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The Posnet REVO register has been designed for sales where the sales place design is crucial. A state-of-the-art image and a couple of colour options provides possibility to create untypical cash register locations. A possibility to combine REVO with a scale and graphic displays not only look nice but also help to save space. This register is chosen most often by entrepreneurs who prefer multifunctionality all in a single designer enclosure.

Net price: 1699,00 PLN
Net price: 1799,00 PLN
Price provided a net retail prices offered now by Posnet Polska SA to device end users (users).
Colour option
Configure an optimum option and choose accessories needed
PLU database
Colour versions
Price of the chosen variant: 1699,00 PLN

Scale integrated

Revo cooperates with a dedicated DS1 electronic scale - dedicated for fiscal registers. Taring and zeroing the scaling dish can be done using a register keypad, where scale's readings are visible directly on operator's and client's displays.
DS1 scales come in various colour options.

Connect what you need

An additional value of Revo registers is a possibility to use a payment terminal. Moreover, you can connect i.e. a selected scanner, register drawer, etc. to a device.


The Revo register can be purchased in a silicon keypad version that will protect your device against dirt and water. Back lit keypad will help you use the register irrespective of the illumination quality and interior design. The receipt printing mechanism in a Revo register was designed to avoid dirt and crumbles getting inside.

Graphics on receipts

You can place any black-and-white graphics, using the Posnet Grafik software, to any receipt's header and footer, or any other register printout. This way you can upload  e.g. store's logo or any promotional or advertising offer.

Surprise your clients

We recommend the Revo register to grocery store, industrial store, or minimarket owners. A colour register can ideally fit in an elegant store's space. It comes also useful in places where weighted commodities are sold.

Recommended devices
Technical data
Device version
Protected memory
micro card SDHC - 4GB
Communication with CRK
Ethernet, USB (net), WiFi*, modem 3G* (*option)
possibility to programme any currency in which the fiscal module will register sale (e.g. euro)
VAT rates
7 (A...G)
Number of PLU
10,000, 15,000* (*option)
Name of the merchandise
40 characters
Additional bar codes
Max. number of codes for PLU
Set of merchandise / multi-packs
Payment methods
35 (including 20 currencies)
Discounts / mark-ups
Time discounts
Measurment unit
Shortcut keys
Merchandise groups
Formats of weighted codes
Description of payments/payouts
Description of merchandise
Error service
Receipt buffer
Printing mechanism
Type of printing mechanism
thermal, "drop in"
Number of characters per line
Paper's width
57 mm
Paper roll length
60 m
Printing speed
up to 47 lines
Operator's display
graphical, 240 x 64 pixels, back lit
Client's display
graphical, 240 x 64 pixels, back lit
Number of keyboard keys
mechanical, silicon with back lit (option)
Standard ports
Ethernet, USB (host), 4 x RS232
Additional ports
WiFi/Bluetooth*, modem 3G* (*option)
6V, 12V, 18V, 24V
Devices supported
computer, scanner (USB/RS), scale, drawer, price verifier, receipt printer, modem 3G, integrated scale, magnetic cards reader, pendrive, USB hub, payment terminal, monitoring
Computer connection
on-line, without stopping cashier's work
Power supply
Power supply
Battery build-in
Li-ion 7.2V/2150 mAh
USB port
Dimensions, weight, temperatures
159 x 133 x 225 mm (w x h x l)
~ 1.3kg
Key features
  • cash register/scale function
  • Payment card's terminal service
  • multi-connection: Ethernet, WiFi, GPRS
  • USB with code scanner service, magnetic cards reader, pendrive, and USB hub
  • Tax Identification Number (NIP) of buyer with receipt's total monitoring
  • sales statistics (e.g. alcohol) provided separately per year
  • individual sale mode for each cashier
  • additional codes with sale price assigned
  • reminding about daily and periodic report
  • programming reminders e.g. about mandatory technical inspection, tax payment date, manager's birthday
Car accessories
  • silicon keypad
  • weighting dish (available also in colourful enclosure)
  • cash drawer
  • modem GPRS BOX3G
Recommended devices

The fiscal device communicating with the Central Repository of Registers (CRK, hereinafter referred to as the Repository) kept by the Head of the State Fiscal Administration. CRK collects a series of data i.e. daily reports, fiscal receipts, non-fiscal documents, events, as well as information about periodic reviews made.

Cash register/scale function

Combination of a fiscal register with a dedicated electronic scale. Scale's taring and zeroing functions are executed from register's keypad level. Scales indications appear directly on operator's and Client's displays.

Graphic displays

Intuitive, readable, and functional user menu, as well as large font, help the cashier to enter and read sales data, whereas the Client can always get a readable and full information about products' purchased.

Graphics on receipts

Each receipt and register printout can be supplemented with any black-and-white graphic in the header and footer. Using the Posnet Grafik software you can design what is about to be printed e.g. store's logo, supplier's paid add, or a single promotion.


Allows to simultaneously use interfaces available e.g. Ethernet, WiFi, and GPRS, and to carry out numerous connections parallely.

Tax Identification Number (NIP) of buyer on receipt

Possibility to print buyer's NIP in the receipt's fiscal part. Based on current provisions of law, buyer's NIP can be printed on receipts for a value over PLN 450 or EUR 100.

Block-type receipt

The entire receipt is printed only upon its acceptance. The cashier can preview and edit individual positions of receipt on the display even before printing it.

Payment terminal

Cooperation with external payment terminals (PKO S.A., PeP, SIX Payment, First Data). When paying by card, information about the amount of payment is sent automatically from the register to a terminal. The cashier doesn't have to re-enter the amount on the terminal which makes work faster and minimalises risk of mistakes.

Recommended devices

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