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Diebold Nixdorf Beetle/Iscan Express

A universal self-service register which depending on needs can be a simple order kiosk or an advanced, standalone self-service register. Devices are available with two screen sizes: 15" or 19". Additional accessories make it available to instal various options of the Express register (wall, counter, stand-alone). A permanently integrated payment terminal and internally mounted Thermal HD fiscal printer allowing for a safe execution of electronic transactions.

Colour option
Diebold Nixdorf Beetle/Iscan Express

Version with 15" or 19" display to choose from

A bigger touch screen will be better for handling software displaying at the same time many elements. A bigger screen means also a bigger add space and better visibility of standalone registers. Smaller screens guarantee clients discretion and take less space.
Irrespective of the screen size, both options offer cohesive style allowing for them to be used in the same installation place, at the same time.

Various installation options

Express register can be mounted on the wall, placed on a pedestal or a counter. The pedestal, upon integrating with an additional pedestal, shall turn into a stand-alone structure - an option usefull when planning a location for a first register in a commercial facility.
A regular shape and small size of the device help with gouped enclosure (i.e. "SCO zones").

Vast possibilities of point's fixing

Installation on the pedestal makes it possible to use a vast range of accessories dedicated for Express registers. With their help, you can arrange state-of-the-art POS which shall also be ergonomic and style-cohesive.
High quality finishing materials used to execute the accessories shall guarantee to keep the aesthetics of the POS at a long and intensive-use run.


Top class fiscal printer

Inside the register there is a Posnet Thermal HD fiscal printer - highest model within fiscal printers offered by Posnet. These devices are famous for their error-free nature and efficiency. Benefits of the HD model appear especially when operating in difficult conditions and at high intensity of transactions.
The biggest trade centres in Poland chose Thermal HD printers due to their functionality and robustness. Ceramic paper cutter sharpens itself when operating. Vast selection of non-fiscal print-outs makes it possible to replace other POS devices with the HD one (payment terminals, invoice printers, etc.).


Safety and ergonomy

Express register's enclosure is made of fire-proof material, resistant to mechanical damages. The frame and bearing elements are made of galvanised steel, whereas side walls are made of brushed stainless steel. Register's enclosure was designd so that it is safeguarded against splash and dirt.
Access to a fiscal printer (e.g. to load paper) shall be protected against unauthorised access via KO-WALL.

TPiSCAN software

Diebold Nixdorf based on its Clients' experiences, developed a specialist TPiSCAN software.
This app shall most importantly guarantee effectives communication of the register with the person doing shopping and make available effective administering of the self-service POS.
Content is displayed on the register's screen, with the sequence and form of messages being developed based on users' needs from around the world. An intuitive interface pays a key role in effectiveness of self-service registers.
Within administrative tasks, the programme is responsible for control scaling and cash modules (regarding Easy SCO).
TPiSCAN software handles also an assistant's position which is availabe in the desktop, tablet, or pager versions.

Advanced tools for the visualisation and analysis of information

Diebold Nixdorf when creating an offer of self-service registers has taken care also for developing an advance software for visualising designed solutions.
Also priceless are analytic tools supporting the estimation of return on investment and optimisation of store's sufficiency with self-service POS.
Specialistic Posnet partners, prior to making an investment decision regarding self-service registers, shall estimate project's cost-efficiency, and fix a required number of POS, as well as prepare visualisation of planned solutions.


Specialised suppliers of Diebold Nixdorf self-service registers

Diebold Nixdorf self-service registers are offered only by specialised Posnet partners with sufficient knowledge and who attained the necessary training on planning, implementing, and maintenance of registers. Detailed information about the valid offer and list of Partners implementing Diebold Nixdorf registers is available at:

Dział Wsparcia Produktów Systemowych (System Products' Support Department) 
Posnet Polska S.A.; Warsaw, 33 Municypalna street
tel. 22 8686888 exten. 220, 210, 202; e-maii:

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