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Sunso MP400

This printer thanks to its small size, lack of breakdowns, and compatibility with Epson TM-U200 standard is a perfect alternative for traditional matrix printer.

Colour option
Sunso MP400

Main application: kitchen printing, small-size invoices, warehouse documents (also with a copy), etc. This device has hooks to place them on the wall. Feeder's plug construction makes it impossible to accidentally take the plug out. Hard and solid enclosure gives good protection of printer's elements against physical damages. Pintings can be done in two colours (red, black).

Typical applications: kitchen back-up facility, warehouse, exchange rate offices, etc.


  • printing type: matrix (9 needles)
  • paper's width: 76 mm
  • cutter: full or partial cutting
  • paper easy-load
  • emulation: TM-U200
  • dimensions: 174x132x218mm (w x h x d)
  • Polish signs in test printings: ISO 8859-2, DOS CP852, Windows 1250, Mazovia


Available interfaces:

  • parallel (Centronics)
  • serial (RS232 - DB25)
Recommended devices
Sunso WTP800
Sunso WTP800
Printout parameters
  • Printout parameters
  • printing method: matrix (9-pin head)
  • speed: 5 lines/s
  • resolution: 80/160 DPI
  • width: 63,5mm (400 points)
Number of characters per line
  • Emulation TM-U200 42/35 columns and 40/33 column
  • Other operating modes: 40/33 columns
  • paper type: offset + 2 copies (maximally)
  • width: 57.5mm, 69.5mm, 76.2mm (standard width of the paper: 76mm)
  • thickness: 0.065mm - 0.13mm
  • roller's diameter (max.): 80mm
  • thimble's diameter (spool): 12.5mm
Printer ribbons
ERC 38 (black, violet, black/red)
  • printing mechanism: 120 mln signs
  • cutter: 1 mln cuts
  • MCBF: 18 mln lines
Set of characters
  • Windows 1250
  • ISO 8859-2
  • Mazovia
  • DOS CP852
TM-U200, TM-U300, iDP-3540, SP200 (communication protocols)
Windows (7, 8, XP, 2000, 2003, Vista 32/64 bit, XP Embedded), Linux, OPOS, WEPOS, JavaPOS)
Printer sensors
  • end of paper sensor
  • near end-of-paper sensor
  • paper's chamber open sensor
  • optionally: black colour sensor
Drawer's port
servicing two drawers simultaneously (24V, max. 1A)
Power supply
  • Power supply
  • power supply type: external (cube)
  • input (AC): 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
  • output (DC): 24V/2.5
Dimensions and weight (w/d/h)
  • (w x d x h): 156mm x 243.2mm x 150.1mm
  • weight: 2.38kg
  • cutting type: guillotine
  • paper thickness: 0.06mm - 0.09mm
  • cutting options: full or partial
Environmental conditions
  • operating temperature: 5C - 40C
  • storing temperature: -20C - 60C
  • operating humidity: 35% - 80%
  • storing humidity: 10% - 90%
12 months
  • dark (standard)
  • light (on request)
Recommended devices
Sunso WTP800
Sunso WTP800

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