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FAWAG TP N platform scale

FAWAG platform scales are solid, easy-to-use universal scales with the capacity of 15-150 kg, used in industrial facilities, warehouses, storage places, and stores. The N version scales have a stainless and acid-resistant construction and platform, with IP-68 tightness standard. Equipped in ZOT-3.7 reader inside a stainless enclosure. Intended for operation in humid, aggressive conditions.


Net price: 3199,00 PLN
TP-15/1, TP-30/1, TP-60/1 scale
Net price: 3249,00 PLN
TP-150/1 scale
Price provided a net retail prices offered now by Posnet Polska SA to device end users (users).
Colour option


  • scale's construction and platform made of stainless, acid-resistant steel;
  • ZOT-3.7 industrial class meter inside a stainless enclosure equipped in an LCD display;
  • meter with a 3-metre cable, next to the platform or at a column (option);
  • RS-232 interface providing cooperation with fiscal registers or a computer;
  • pieces counting function;
  • main power supply.

Weighting scope: one-range scales - 15 kg, 30 kg, 60 kg, or 150 kg

Options available:

  • TP-15/1 N - capacity of 15 kg
  • TP-30/1 N - capacity of 30 kg
  • TP-60/1 N - capacity of 60 kg
  • TP-150/1 N - capacity of 150 kg


When validation or safeguarding features have been disrupted, the device has to be subject to re-validation before continuing to use it. We need to remind that the obligation of validating the scale, as well as keeping validation features in due conditions, is subject to the user.

Each validated scale needs to have the following information placed on the rating plate:

  • device model and serial number,
  • admission number (type-approval number)
  • metrological parameters (load, plot, tare value, etc.),
  • CE sign with letter M,
  • notification unit number,
  • next to the CE sign and M letter the last two digits of the year in which conformity assessment was made,
  • operation temperature if it varies from -10ºC to 40ºC,
  • class symbol (e.g. III),
  • information about the manufacturer.


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Scope and accuracy of weighting
  • 15 kg, e=5 g
  • 30 kg, e=10 g
  • 60 kg, e=20 g
  • 150 kg, e=50 g
Operational temperature
-10ºC to 40ºC
Tightness standards
  • structure: IP-68
  • ZOT-3.4 meter: IP-67
Power supply source
  • main
  • battery (option)
  • cordless (option)
Power consumption
230 V; 50 Hz
Scale's dimensions
  • TP-15/1 - 400 x 400 mm
  • TP-30/1 - 400 x 400 mm
  • TP-60/1 - 400 x 400 mm
  • TP-150/1 - 400 x 450 mm
Options / Accessories
reading column 500 mm fixed to the platform (option)
Universal scale, operating conditions: humid, aggressive environment
Supplemental features
  • Construction and platform made of stainless, acid-resistant steel.
  • Tare, tare lock.
  • Automatic zeroing of the empty platform weight.
  • Automatic dimming of display.
  • Gross mass preview.
  • Pieces counting function.
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