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Put it in a case or into your pocket. It is the smallest fiscal register on the market that you can take anywhere to sell your services or products.

Net price: 1299,00 PLN
Price provided a net retail prices offered now by Posnet Polska SA to device end users (users).
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Colour option

Small is... functional

The Mobile HS register is small but very efficient. It can print 8,000 receipts without any additional power. Apart from the power supply, the Mobile HS register can be charged using a USB cable connected to a computer or car charger. Moreover, you can design a logo or your company's name on receipts.

Drop and print

Exchanging paper takes only a couple of seconds. It requires three simple movements: open - drop the paper - close. And you continue working.

Dress your register

To secure the Mobile HS register we recommend to use an elegant and leather cover. You can chose from a light or dark colour version of your device.

Whoever works with Mobile HS

Due to a innovative design, the Mobile HS register is appreciated by clients who place design and technological innovations at the top.

This register works well in doctor's offices, legal offices, and any small or mobile trading places, where ergonomics i.e. well-though use of any free space, plays a crucial part.

It is ideal for operating car parks or rentals as it can store ten ten price lists, define assortment, or fix price lists based on days of the week.

Recommended devices
Net retail price: 1249,00 PLN
Net retail price: 1099,00 PLN
Technical data
Devices with receipt's electronic copy
Data carrier
micro SD/micro SDHC card - 4GB
possibility to programme any currency in which the fiscal module will register sale (e.g. euro)
VAT rates
7 (A...G)
Number of PLU
Name of the merchandise
40 characters
Additional bar codes
Max. number of codes for PLU
Set of merchandise / multi-packs
Payment methods
16 (including 8 currencies)
Discounts / mark-ups
Time discounts
Measurment unit
Shortcut keys
Merchandise groups
Formats of weighted codes
Description of payments/payouts
Description of merchandise
Error service
Receipt buffer
Printing mechanism
Type of printing mechanism
thermal Seiko, "drop-in"
Number of characters per line
Paper's width
57 mm
Paper roll length
14 m
Printing speed
22 lines
Operator's display
LCD 2x16 alphanumerical, back lit
Client's display
LCD 2x16 alphanumerical, back lit
Number of keyboard keys
19, including 10 programmable
Standard ports
1 x RS232, 1 x USB
Additional ports
Devices supported
computer, modem, scanner, scale
Computer connection
on-line, without stopping cashier's work
Power supply
Power supply
Battery build-in
Li-ion 7,4V/2150 mAh
USB port
Dimensions, weight, temperatures
85.4 x 48.5 x 162 mm (w x h x l)
~ 410 g
Key features
  • the smallest and lightest fiscal register
  • electronic copy of receipt (micoSD/microSDHC card)
  • multi-currencies (prepared for eurofiscalisation)
  • time services: developed functions for car parks and rentals i.e. 10 price lists, possibility to define assortment e.g. boats, kayaks, price lists operating acc. to days of the week, possibility of free arrangement of time units per price list, and to add initial fee
  • graphics on receipts: in the header and footer of each receipt and register print-out can be printed with any, black-and-white graphics. This can be e.g. store's logo or add. Create and upload you own graphics using the Posnet Grafik software, on your own.
  • buyer's NIP (tax identification number) print-out in receipt's fiscal part
  • readable displays for client and operator
  • durable battery allowing to print even up to 50k lines of receipt
  • easy paper exchange - drop-in system
  • assembly system allowing to attach the register in a workplace (e.g. in a car)
  • on-line communication with a warehouse software
  • reminding about a mandatory technical inspection and undeveloped daily report
Car accessories
  • cover (textile)
  • cover (leather)
  • USB car charger
  • colour options (white, graphite)
Recommended devices
Net retail price: 1249,00 PLN
Net retail price: 1099,00 PLN
"Load and print" printing mechanism

System of fast drop-in-type paper exchange guarantees easy operation and efficient work.

Tax Identification Number (NIP) of buyer on receipt

Possibility to print buyer's NIP in the receipt's fiscal part. Based on current provisions of law, buyer's NIP can be printed on receipts for a value over PLN 450 or EUR 100.

Wide paper

Print-out on a 57mm wide paper makes receipts more readable and shorter, thus decreasing the number of paper roll exchange incidents.

Timely services: parking & renting

Function used to register and settle time-based services. The register shall atuomatically compute a fee per service, depending on its duration. The receipt is printed based on a previously issued proof e.g. for parking, or renting a kayak.

Colour options

This device is available in a couple of colour options.

Efficient battery

Applying a Li-ion, high-capacity battery will additionally safeguard the device when working in the field.

Recommended devices
Net retail price: 1249,00 PLN
Net retail price: 1099,00 PLN

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