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The universal Diebold Nixdorf Beetle / Iscan Express self-service checkout can be the so-called "order kiosk" or a highly specialized, free-standing self-service checkout. The universal self-service checkout offers many installation options, which is a great convenience when arranging your store. The cash register can be hung on the wall, placed on a pedestal or a counter. Installation on a pedestal allows the use of a wide range of accessories dedicated to this cash register.

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Inside the universal self-service cash register there is a Posnet Thermal HD fiscal printer - this is one of the most popular models among fiscal printers offered by Posnet. The Thermal printer line is famous for its reliability and efficiency. The advantages of Thermal HD are especially visible when working in difficult conditions and with high transaction intensity. The largest retail chains in Poland equip their facilities with Thermal HD printers due to their functionality and indestructibility.