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Scales - System-related weight solutions

In the category of system-related weight solutions, Posnet offers its customers a SMART controller and FAWAG scales. These are top-class devices at an affordable price. The SMART controller has a 7-inch touch panel, built on the basis of Intel technology and the Linux operating system. FAWAG platform scales are solid, easy-to-use universal devices used in industrial plants, wholesalers, warehouses and shops.


The SMART controller is a small device with a durable housing, which makes it a perfect device for long work in difficult industrial conditions. FAWAG scales in the category of system-related weight solutions have a structure made of paint-coated steel with a platform plate made of stainless steel and the IP65 or IP67 tightness standard. They are equipped with the ZOT-6.0 or ZOT-6.7 reading meter.